Design is where the world interacts with your company. Whether it’s through your logo, website, or an app on a smart phone. Your company’s ‘design’ will shape the way everyone interacts with you and your products. At Northern Graphic Ops, we’re passionate about designing whatever you need to take your company to the next level.


Every artist employs a particular set of tools in the pursuit of creativity. At Northern Graphic Ops we believe that the creative process to be a collaborative one.This is why one of our tools is to continually interact with our customers. This allows us the ability to capture the essence of your vision, and then making that idea a reality. While we have the skills and knowledge to create a visual representation of what you want your company’s identity to look like, only you have the true understanding of what you want the world to view your company as.

And while we may have the physical skills and knowledge to build your web site and graphic media, we also implement a variety of questioning and introspective techniques to better come to understand your vision of your company.

When we hand over your site, you will have a clear picture and understanding of how your site functions.


We will teach you how to add content, update your images, ideas, products, etc.

You will learn how to acquire new skills, or modify existing knowledge as needed, to obtain your objective.

The site we hand over to you is much more than a simple tool. If used properly it can lead to your company’s growth and prosperity and to that end we at Northern Graphic Ops desire to assist you in your education in the tools needed in making this a reality for you.



Branding is effectively communicating your vision to your customer. We put together the tools so you can impart that vision to the world.